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If you are seeking a divorce, or if your spouse has filed a complaint for divorce against you, the most important step you can take is to obtain experienced legal counsel.  Right now.  In a divorce proceeding, the court will not only separate the bonds of matrimony itself, but also to divide the assets of the parties, determine which parent gets custody of any minor children, and establish child support and alimony obligations that either party may have.  It goes without saying that divorce can be a heartbreaking experience, for everyone involved.  In divorce cases, it becomes very important to manage the division of property and child custody/support as much as possible.  

Matthew has experience in dealing with divorce, through both settlement and trial.  He fights for the rights of his client.  He knows the divorce laws of Alabama and can advise his client what to expect in mediation and trial.    If you are considering a divorce in Alabama, call Matthew at (205) 856-1000 or email him at matthornsblaw@gmail.com to set up a free legal consultation.

Modifications of Custody or Child Support Obligations

As life moves on after a divorce, it sometimes becomes necessary to modify the terms of a divorce settlement agreement or court order.  Maybe you lost your job and can no longer afford a child support or alimony obligation.  Maybe your ex-spouse is no longer a fit parent or is a danger to your child.  When these events happen, the terms and obligations of the court order of divorce DO NOT automatically change.  Failure to comply with the order can result in being held in contempt of court and even jail time.  In order to modify the terms of an existing order, a Petition to Modify must be filed with the court that presided over the divorce.  The standard for succeeding under a Petition to Modify can be found in the case known as Ex parte McLendon.  The McLendon standard is very difficult to meet, therefore it is advisable to seek the advice and assistance of an experienced attorney.    If you are bound by a divorce order that has created an undue hardship in your life, call Matthew at (205) 856-1000 or email him at matthornsbylaw@gmail.com to set up a free legal consultation.  Help is available.