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Why Do I Need An Attorney?

Being charged with a crime in Alabama can change your life in an instant.   When facing criminal charges, it is essential that you have an experienced, knowledgeable, and aggressive criminal defense attorney fighting on your side.  A felony conviction carries with it more than just a sentence - it can strip away your personal rights and change your life forever.  Even misdemeanors can have drastic effects on your life.  A suspended driver's license, heavy fines, and even Jail time are very real possibilities for both felonies and misdemeanors.  

Most people know that the burden of proof is supposed to be on the prosecution in a criminal case.  A defendant is held to be innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.  However individuals who have tried to take on the legal system without quality legal counsel often report having felt as if they carried the burden of proving their innocence.  As if they were guilty until proven innocent.  While this should never be the case, unfortunately it often is.  Having an experienced, knowledgeable attorney, who is familiar with the criminal courts and judges, and can correctly interpret the law, can make the difference between a judgment of acquittal or a guilty verdict.

As a defendant, you need an advocate.  Someone to fight on your behalf.  It can mean the difference between a life-changing conviction and a dismissal of the charges.  Matthew and Bobby Hornsby will analyze and investigate every aspect of the criminal case, from the initial police report, to the prosecution’s evidence, to ensure that you have the best defense possible.  The Justice system can be confusing for those charged with a crime.  The Attorneys at Hornsby & Hornsby, Attorneys at Law understand how the system works and they know how Judges and Juries think.  Don't try to take on the system alone.  Give yourself the best chance to keep both your good name and your freedom.

Typical Cases Handled     

The Criminal Defense Attorneys at  Hornsby & Hornsby, Attorneys at Law has handled countless criminal cases, involving everything from Assault to Weapons charges - and everything in between.  These are the types of cases that he handles:


Get The Best Representation For You Or Your Loved One

Matthew believes it is important to immediately visit his client in Jail, and do everything he can to ensure his client’s release on bond, so that he or she is better able to assist in the development of the defense strategy.  As a client, you will never feel like you are fighting alone.  Without an experienced attorney, many defendants plead guilty, without fully understanding the damage that a guilty plea will have for the rest of their lives.  Matthew has the experience and knowledge of the law necessary to properly advise clients on whether the prosecution has the evidence needed to convict and whether a plea offer should be accepted or rejected.  Don't leave your criminal case up to fate and don't try to take on the Justice system alone.  Call Matthew J. Hornsby, Birmingham Alabama criminal defense attorney, at (205) 856-1000 or email him at matthornsby@att.net for a free consultation regarding your criminal matter.