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There is nothing more fulfilling than witnessing an adoptive parent's face after they have adopted their child.  Probate Judges are reporting that the number of adoptions has increased dramatically over the last 5 years.  While there are still many traditional "non-relative" adoptions, the increase in the number of adoptions can be mostly attributed to increased grandparent adoptions.  Current economic times have led to many parents being unable to care for their children due to long-term unemployment or other difficulties.  In these situations, it is often the grandparent who steps in to provide the necessary care for the minor child. In many of these instances, it can be beneficial for the grandparent to formally adopt the minor child.  There are many federal and state benefits that kick in only after an adoption, and these benefits can be for both the adoptive parents and the adopted child.  Further, there are currently federal tax credits available to adoptive parents, which can offset a very large portion of the person's income taxes due.  These financial benefits can make an adoption more affordable than ever.  

The choice to adopt a child can be extremely emotional, and legal issues often serve to complicate what should be a personal, family decision.  Having an experienced adoption attorney working for you can make the process as smooth and easy as possible, and can keep the procedural details out of your life.   Call Matthew Hornsby of the law office of Hornsby & Hornsby, Attorneys at Law, at (205) 856-1000 or email him at matthornsby@att.net to discuss whether an adoption is right for your situation.